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Advanced portable imaging system

Today’s intraoral imaging systems allow you to take detailed images and view them in real-time. For your patients, the latest technology can make all the difference when it comes to comfort and confidence. For your team, the right equipment can help you to reduce chairtime and improve your service offering. At Clark Dental, we give our clients peace of mind that they have chosen the best tools for their practice. From our extensive range of products to our after-sales support service, we’ll be by your side throughout the procurement journey.

Designed to sit in the palm of your hand, the MyRay X-Pod provides instant radiographic images and the freedom of wireless connectivity. This pocket-sized diagnostic companion is easy to use and features some of the most advanced intraoral sensors available today. Choose to store images using a memory card or share using Bluetooth or USB. The choice is yours.


Capture, display, process and manage every detail in the palm of your hand

HD images and hand-held processing

The powerful X-pod software features several advanced functions (calibration, measurement, filtering, dentition chart, rotation, patient records) with a user-friendly graphical interface to store and process images directly on the device, without any PC connection requirements.

Self-sufficiency and portability

X-pod is compact, pocket-sized, portable, and with extra long battery power. The images are saved and organised in folders for each patient, stored on the removable Secure Digital memory card.

Optimal workflow

Transfer and quickly synchronise data on the iRYS database of your PC via the USB cable at the end of the day, or instantly via Bluetooth.


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