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DAC Universal S Infection Control Systems

The health and safety of your dental patients is paramount as is the reputation of your dental practice. At Clark Dental, this is something we recognise and it’s why we've selected decontamination equipment that helps you to meet your hygiene and safety obligations. In a busy dental surgery, it pays to choose decontamination equipment that is able to adapt to every scenario. With our decades of experience and carefully selected products, we’ll help you to choose the right system to suit your needs.

Dentsply Sirona’s DAC system helps you to comply with stringent infection control standards at the touch of a button. Offering all-round protection for your patients and teams, this versatile decontamination solution will ensure you always have sterilised and reprocessed instruments that you can trust. From sonic handpieces and turbines to nozzles and tips, this DAC will have all of your most critical instruments sterilised and ready for use in just 21 minutes.


Take advantage of the many convenient features

Ease of use

New design, touch display with intuitive user interface, guided maintenance workflow Check & Clean.

Fully automatic reprocessing

Six instruments in approx. 21 minutes; internal and external cleaning, lubrication (if needed) and sterilization of straight and contra-angle handpieces, turbines, ultrasonic / sonic handpieces and tips, nozzles of multifunctional syringes and powder jet devices as well as powder jet handpieces.

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly reprocessing

Low operating and consumption costs – no use of cleaning and disinfection chemicals and only up to 900 ml water consumption per cycle. Low investment costs in instruments thanks to cooling at the end of the process and therefore quick return to service.

Legal certainty

Cleaning and sterilization process which can be validated. Cleaning process in accordance with EN ISO 15883-1 / -2*. Sterilization process in accordance with EN ISO 13060* and ISO 17665-1. Routine Control with chemical indicator class 5 and PCD (Process Challenge Device).

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