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Hyperion X5. Continuous innovation.

At Clark Dental, we bring you the latest imaging systems designed to suit every diagnostic need. From ultra-high-quality images to short scan times and low doses, the highest standard of cephalometric technology is at your fingertips when you choose us as your partner. With the right imaging systems by your side, you can broaden your service offering and ensure your patients get the best treatment and outcomes at all times.

The MyRay Hyperion X5 is designed to satisfy your every requirement. This is a compact and complete solution that offers plug-and-play functionality, easy operation, and some of the highest-quality images in the industry. Boost the potential of your surgery by opting for 2D and 3D imaging solutions that give you an accurate overview of every patient. Plan procedures to perfection and give your patients complete peace of mind.

Hyperion X5

Benefits of MyRay Hyperion X5

Designed to satisfy your every need.

Hyperion X5 is the cutting-edge imaging system that covers your every need. A compact, complete solution that boosts your surgery’s diagnostic potential.

Diagnostic flexibility

Flexible, efficient, fast. Hyperion X5 - designed to deliver the best results in minimum time with limited doses. It displays 2D and 3D images packed full of details to produce effective and safe diagnoses.

All the potential of 3D

Achieving the full potential of 3D examinations has never been easier or more effective. Thanks to dedicated mechanisms, patient positioning solutions and exclusive automatisms that help ensure a positive outcome at every examination, dentists can make the most of 3D potential.


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