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The futureproof S type sterilizer

S type sterilization made by W&H is a safe and sustainable way to reprocess items, both wrapped and unwrapped. The Lyla sterilizer enormously facilitates daily activities thanks to fast cycles, effortless interaction, reduced maintenance and additional upgrade functions to fulfil your individual needs.

Discover upgradeability

The Lyla sterilizer offers the best cycle time in its segment and impresses through its upgradeability. The Activation Code system provides Activation Codes that offer a tailored opportunity to enhance additional features that meet your practice needs and comply with future requirements. Effectively, for customising and upgrading your sterilizer.


Lyla Sterlizer Features

Colour touch screen

The Lyla colour touch screen has been selected and designed to make your daily work easier, faster and more efficient.

Simple water filling

The water tank cover can be easily removed without tools, thus manual water filling is simple with the integrated funnel.

Time-saving maintenance

The smooth surface design and ergonomic shape enables easy cleaning and, thanks to modular feet, it fits in anywhere.


It is recommended that an annual inspection or service is carried out, with a major service carried out every 3 years or 4,000 cycles.

Download the W&H Lyla Sterlizer Brochure

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