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A simple scan is all it takes

Introducing Primescan Connect: our high-performing intraoral scanner now available in a laptop configuration. Enjoy all the benefits of Primescan at a more accessible price.

Primescan is an intraoral scanner that allows you to perform high-precision digital impressions of the patient’s mouth, without the use of traditional impression material. With simplified scanning and streamlined workflows, Primescan Connect is a great starting point to digital dentistry.

Achieve better diagnostics, treatment planning, and accelerated financial growth all while improving the patient experience.

Primescan connect



Full arch scan possible in less than a minute.


Excellent scans no matter which material or how difficult the area is to capture.

Ease of use

Helps to simplify the scanning process, so you can delegate the impression taking process to your team and spend more time with patients.


Takes up little space and is easy to integrate into your practice workflows and set-up.

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