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High frequency X-ray unit

Dental diagnostic processes call for sharp images and meticulous attention to detail. When selecting intraoral imaging systems for your practice, precision, flexibility, and dependability should be high on your shopping list. The right equipment will help you to plan and complete the most challenging procedures with a high degree of accuracy and confidence. At Clark Dental, we excel in providing the very best in digital products, support, and advice. From the initial purchase to post-sales support, we’re by your side for every step of the journey.

The MyRay RXDC intraoral imaging system allows you to get the highest quality images with the lowest radiation exposure to your patients. The high-frequency DC generator ensures every image is as sharp as the last and delivers the highest level of detail in real-time. When it comes to flexibility, the revolutionary swivel ball-joint offers superior positioning and almost 360-degree movement. Not only does this allow for precision imaging but also allows your patients to sit perfectly still and in complete comfort.


Precision Diagnostic


Multi-Mode automatic exposure parameter modulation always ensures optimal time and power selection.

Minimum irradiation

Attention to patient health is meticulous thanks to the constant potential DC generator with adjustable power (from 8 to 4 mA): rectangular collimators can also be used.

Immediate positioning

The convenient handle, calibrated joints and protractor with graduated scale offer stable ergonomic positioning.


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