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Dr Avik Dandapat worked with Clark Dental to relocate his existing dental equipment and install new dental cabinetry within his practice. “I sourced my cabinetry from Clark Dental because of the team’s excellent customer support,” he says. “The features of the cabinetry I find valuable include its aesthetics, ergonomics and ease of cleaning. My practice staff certainly love the new cabinetry. “The overall service provided by Clark Dental was fantastic – no job is too small for the team. They relocated my existing equipment with precision and efficiency. As such, I would not hesitate to recommend them, especially as they also provided 2D and 3D surgery designs for my project.” "

Dr Avik Dandapat

Dr Alexander Vucetic explains why he sought out Clark Dental for a new dental unit: “I’d previously owned a Sirona dental unit that had performed well for over 20 years, which motivated me to invest in an Intego from Clark Dental. “The team gave me a good offer on this dental unit, but they also supported me in other ways that had been really useful. I would recommend the Intego if you are seeking a cost-effective system on a budget.” To arrange a showroom visit and explore the wide range of dental units Clark Dental can offer you, call the friendly team now."

Dr Alexander Vucetic

Kunal Thakker explains why he invested in the NOMAD® Pro 2 handheld radiographic device, supplied by Clark Dental: “We were recommended the NOMAD® Pro 2 by Matt from Clark Dental. As well as looking professional, slick and high-tech, the NOMAD® Pro 2 offers instant imaging capabilities when combined with an intraoral sensor, which ultimately benefits our practice workflow. It doesn’t take up space on the wall like a conventional radiographic unit would, and the quality of images that the NOMAD® Pro 2 produces is also outstanding. “Moreover, we were delighted with the user training provided by Raine at Clark Dental, who has since answered any questions we have had about the device to the highest standard. I would definitely recommend the NOMAD® Pro 2 from Clark Dental. It’s an excellent product.”

Kunal Thakker

“We bought the ORTHOPHOS from Clark Dental as a replacement for the OPT machine we had,” says Dr Nishanie Bajramovic. “I have been using digital imaging systems for almost 20 years and have found that the ORTHOPHOS is very user-friendly, ergonomic and delivers high quality images that my patients are fascinated by. In fact, the clarity of the radiographs that this unit produces is amazing. “I would definitely recommend the ORTHOPHOS. The product speaks for itself and having worked with Clark Dental since 2002, I know that the team’s customer service is second-to-none. Their loyalty towards helping me as a client is very much appreciated.”

Dr Nishanie Bajramovic

“We used to refer patients to a mobile CT scanning service, which was a process that generally worked well but was expensive and, inevitably, there were delays,” says dental implantologist, Dr Ross Drybrough. “Sometimes, arrangements for a scan had to be made weeks in advance. “For this reason, we invested in Sirona’s ORTHOPHOS SL 3D scanner from Clark Dental. The benefit of having this unit in-practice is that the scan data is available in seconds, and it can be used immediately to better educate patients about their full treatment options. This has definitely increased treatment uptake at our practice and, to be honest, I should have invested in this system years ago. The ORTHOPHOS SL 3D has probably paid for itself already with the additional treatment we have been able to offer. “Patients have been very impressed with how easy it is to be scanned and they are often fascinated by the instant 3D images of their teeth and jaws. Patients have also commented on the modern looking, state-of-the-art design of the machine itself. “Moreover, the customer service we have received from Clark Dental has been awesome. Help is immediately on hand through the remote Support help desk and with Raine Leary, who is always available via phone or email. It’s great to know someone will get back to you very quickly if you have a query.”

Dr Ross Drybrough

Dr Jerry Kwok shares his thoughts on the Intego dental chair he purchased from Clark Dental: “It has all the features that my team and I need. It’s easy to use without having to change working position. The LED lights of the unit are also much better than the halogen ones I was used to. Moreover, patients like the design of the new chair. “Clark Dental’s installation service was good – the team dismantled the old unit and fit the new one, getting it up and running by the following working day. I’m extremely happy with the Intego. Clark Dental has served me well again.”

Dr Jerry Kwok

“The ORTHOPHOS XG3 we purchased from Clark Dental offers greater clarity of images and is easy to use, making patient positioning very straightforward,” says Dr Jay Padayachy. “We can use the system to take partial images rather than full mouth ones, which is not only very useful if we just want to target one particular area, but is also more comfortable for patients. “I would recommend the ORTHOPHOS XG3 from Clark Dental, who delivers great service with a smile and provides helpful advice. As always, we have received excellent support from the team, which is why I have been dealing with them for over 20 years.”

Dr Jay Padayachy

Ross Campbell, principal of the Ross Campbell Dental Practice in Norwich, shares his experience of using the T-Scan digital occlusal analyser he purchased from Clark Dental. “After hearing about the T-Scan from peers I bought the system from Clark Dental at the end of last year because I was keen to integrate it into my daily practice to help with accurate occlusal analysis and treatment planning. “My experience of using the T-Scan has been excellent as it easily allows me to balance the occlusion in patients that suffer from TMJ disorders – it offers a straightforward way to identify any premature contact. “The system is well-designed and very easy to use, and my patients find it comfortable during treatment. The graphics allow an easy overview of the occlusion and provide a great patient educational tool. Patients can see what you’re doing during treatment, helping them to understand the treatment process and how it will benefit them. “I would definitely recommend the T-Scan from Clark Dental. It can open up a whole new world of possibilities for dental professionals. I’m very happy with the system, and I’m looking forward to incorporating it more and more into my treatment planning and execution.”

Ross Campbell

“We recently worked with Clark Dental on our practice redevelopment,” say Drs Simon Clarke and Tom Huddleston, “And it’s thanks to them that we have five new Anthos treatment centres. “In truth, we hadn’t even heard of Anthos before Richard Beal at Clark Dental recommended them to us. But he told us that they were worth considering, and even flew us out to the Anthos factory in Italy to see why. “We were blow away. Anthos is one of the biggest dental chair manufacturers in Europe and the quality of their products and manufacturing processes was just extraordinary. “A big bonus was that the Anthos chairs are fully ambidextrous, so we have a great deal of clinical flexibility throughout each of our new surgeries. The chairs are also incredibly comfortable for our patients – they’re memory foam and our patients love sitting in them! “We would definitely recommend Anthos chairs to any dentist – and would advise them to purchase through the excellent team at Clark Dental!”

Drs Simon Clarke and Tom Huddleston

“I would highly recommend Clark Dental,” says Dr David Mantle, principal of Smilecare Dental Health, who used Clark Dental’s service when expanding his Chiswick practice. “They were very knowledgeable, helpful and were happy to meet with us on numerous occasions before the project even began, to work out the logistics of the fit and resolve any problems that might have caused delays. “Matt Rowlingson from Clark was our key contact and he came on-site a number of times to discuss our options. He was great; his experience enabled him to provide some great designs – and he recommended the best equipment for our needs. “Ryan Shoesmith, an engineer from Clark Dental, was also important to the success of this project. He kept in close contact with us throughout the whole process to make sure everything was fitted to our exact specifications. “We’re all very happy with the result and our patients think the practice looks great – and our new equipment looks like something from the ‘space age’! “When we kit out our last surgery, we will certainly go back to Clark Dental again.”

Dr David Mantle, Smilecare Dental Health

When Miss Monica Berrange of FACEmed Cosmetic Medical & Dental Centre in Essex needed to equip her newly build medical Centre, she chose to work with the design team at Clark Dental. “They were great to work with,” she says “they understood what we wanted to achieve, and we couldn’t be happier with the end result. They helped us choose the best equipment for our needs, too. “The Anthos L9 unit is brilliant for our patients – being so easy to get in and out of, and so comfortable, they feel more at ease. I’ve been particularly impressed by the Nomad Pro 2 – being able to stay with the patients whilst taking their x-rays saves time, and is particularly good for more nervous patients. “I would certainly recommend Clark Dental’s design services to colleagues – they helped the project run smoothly, and helped us put together a practice to be proud of.”

Monica Berrange, FACEmed Cosmetic Medical & Dental Centre

“The Clark Dental team sure does work hard,” says Dr Peter Workman, who recently had his Gloucestershire dental surgery refurbished. “By liaising with my building contractors, Matt Rowlingson, Ryan Shoesmith and James Evans ensured the whole project ran like clockwork. “Matt understood perfectly what I wanted from my new surgery and this was reflected in his designs and the equipment he suggested. Then, Ryan and James installed everything in close cooperation with the builders to ensure the entire surgery was finished to an incredibly high standard. “I am very pleased with the result. I have a surgery that will stand the test of time – a place I can work in comfortably, and where my patients can receive the best treatment I can give them. “Nothing was too much for Matt and his team – and they worked hard to give me a practice that looks stunning and extremely professional. I think it mirrors the progressive and modern practice that we have been striving to be. “I would certainly work with Clark Dental again and I simply could not recommend them enough.”

Dr Peter Workman

“Though we were already planning to relocate to a new site,” says the Plowman and Partners team, “We needed to replace some equipment at our current premises. We decided to go to Clark Dental for this and they managed to fit everything knowing that it would need to be moved once new premises were secured. “When we did move, we decided to work with Clark Dental again. Our main contact was Matt Rowlingson and his experience and calm, can-do approach was exactly what we needed. He was highly receptive to our ideas and knew how to include them into the detailed plans. He did most of the design work himself and was pivotal in the management of the entire project. “Thanks to Matt and his team we only needed to close for a week. He knew how tight our timetable was from the beginning. We are very happy with the quality and service provided by Clark Dental and would unreservedly recommend them. They have provided us with a dental practice to be proud of, which is an investment in the future.”

Plowman and Partners

“There are several devices I would find it difficult to live without in my daily practice,” says Dr Simon Agabeg, principal dentist at NewSmile Dentalcare in Leeds and a member of the British Society of Occlusal Studies. “Now I can add the T-Scan digital occlusal analyser to that list. I simply cannot envisage not having it for every TMD or occlusion case – finally, an amazingly accurate way of showing the patient those interferences! “My equilibrations have never been so accurate or efficient, and now I can show my patients in seconds where exactly they have an occlusal problem. It’s right there on the screen!” The T-Scan digital occlusal analyser, available from Clark Dental – one of the UK’s foremost suppliers of state-of-the-art dental equipment – is changing the way dental professionals measure and treat occlusal issues. Thanks to its unique sensor technology, the T-Scan records every facet of a patient’s occlusion and saves the information – including a frame-by-frame timeline of bite force dynamics – to your computer. For more accurate occlusal analysis, contact the Clark Dental team and enquire about the T-Scan today!

Dr Simon Agabeg, NewSmile Dentalcare

“I regularly use my ORTHOPHOS XG3D,” says Dr Tim Fleming, after purchasing the new system from Clark Dental. “It’s really streamlined my workflow. “As my implant practice expanded, and the difficulty of cases increased, I found myself needing a CT scan of my patients more and more often. The hassle and expense of referring this out – as well as delaying the ‘patient journey’ – meant that I simply had to invest in my own machine. “As a keen user of chair-side restoration technology already, choosing the Sirona ORTHOPHOS XG3D was simple. The ability to integrate with my existing machines allows for perfect planning – and I can easily demonstrate the possible final restoration to the patient. “As expected, the design, appearance and build quality of this system are all excellent. The image quality is great and the interface intuitive. The ability to select smaller volumes of scan in different regions allows me to minimise the radiation dose for the patient, whilst the large field is just right for upper and lower arch scanning without unnecessary exposure. “My patients are always impressed with the system; for them, it shows that the practice is investing in high quality equipment that helps ensure their treatment is well-planned and safe. Most importantly, I know that there will be no surprises during surgery. “The support I have received from Clark Dental has been excellent. The installation of my new ORTHOPHOS XG3D was efficient and smooth, with concurrent training so as to minimise time of work. The telephone support had quickly resolved any issues we have had. “I would wholeheartedly recommend the ORTHOPHOS XG3D to others – and Clark Dental too!”

Dr Tim Fleming

“I would certainly recommend the Florida Probe to my colleagues,” says Katharine Moulton, Dental Therapist at Evesham Dental Health Team in Worcestershire. “In fact, I often do! “I’ve been using the Florida Probe for three years and I find it very straight forward. It has now been incorporated into many of our periodontal care programmes. We assess our patients’ oral hygiene and record a plaque score, the Florida Probe calculates a percentage plaque free score and presents this on a patient friendly diagram. We also use the Florida Probe to perform full mouth pocket charting and we have found the product to be an excellent tool in demonstrating areas of pocketing and bleeding. We have found the pocket charting compare feature extremely helpful in demonstrating sites which have improved or not responded to treatment, the up or down arrows which represent changes are also easy for patients to interpret. “In fact, our patients find the Florida Probe very educational and easy to understand. With it, we can provide them with a copy of their plaque scores and pocket charting to help them better understand their periodontal vulnerabilities and focus their oral hygiene accordingly. The Florida Probe is a fantastic product in aiding patients understanding and motivation to improve their oral health. “It’s been great working with Clark Dental for our Florida Probe – we’ve had great service from them on our orders and we received excellent training and installation from Raine Leary – who is always happy to provide personal support. “I would recommend her and the services of Clark Dental.”

Katharine Moulton, Dental Therapist

“I recently joined Brecknock Dental,” says Dr Neil Maroo, “And since I was moving into a completely new practice I knew I would also need a new digital diagnostics system. “The practice already had existing Schick systems in place, so it was more convenient to simply go with the same products. However, we found it would be more cost-effective to upgrade to Schick’s newest system, the Schick 33 – and I’m glad we did, since I’d say the Schick 33 is about 10 times better than the previous models. “Brecknock Dental has previously used Clark Dental for its equipment needs, so we naturally went back to them for the new system. Raine Leary from Clark Dental came into the practice and showed me exactly what the product could do – it was a perfect demonstration. “Though it’s just a little bigger than its competitors, I would definitely recommend the Schick 33 – it simply provides great quality images. “I’d also be happy to recommend Clark Dental to others, and I’m sure I will be going back to them should I need any other pieces of high quality equipment.”

Neil Maroo

“I chose to work with Clark Dental because we needed to buy the equipment for our dental room and Clark Dental were recommended to us. Matt Rowlingson gave us advice on what to buy, which in the end was the Dentsply Sirona Sinius, Nomad X-ray unit and W&H decontamination equipment. Clark Dental delivered everything on time and ensured everything was sorted out.”

Dr Mazur, Medazur Medical Clinic

“All the equipment in my surgery is supplied by Clark Dental. I have never looked elsewhere as I value their knowledge, expertise and helpfulness. Their service and support is second to none. I have never had cause to question Clark Dental’s help and guidance on choosing equipment. Mr Matt Rowlingson, their Equipment Technical Director, in particular, has provided help and advice every step of the way. The installation and training were first class. The quality of the new equipment is excellent and I look forward to using it every day. In fact, many of my patients have given it five-star reviews! I would have no hesitation in recommending Clark Dental to my colleagues.”

Dr Sidney Urdang

“I have had the privilege of working closely with the team over the course of my dental career – which spans over two decades – building a partnership that has proven invaluable to the success of Enhance Dental Centre. Having installed over 25 surgeries with them to date, I can attest to the exceptional quality of their products and the unmatched expertise of their engineers. Stuart Clark and Matt Rowlingson, in particular, played a pivotal role in the dental design aspect of this practice. Their keen understanding of dental workflows and their ability to translate our vision into practical solutions were instrumental in creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment for our patients and staff. The consistent support and guidance from Clark Dental have been unmatched, and their dedication to delivering exceptional service has solidified our longstanding partnership. I am incredibly grateful for the collaboration and their unwavering commitment to elevating the standards of dental care at Enhance Dental Centre.”

Dr Lau Berraondo, Clinical Director of Enhance Dental Centre

“The installation went very smoothly. The old chair was removed, all parts taken away and the Intego chair installed on Friday, ready for patients on Monday. Our dental practice is family-run and my father has been using the services of Clark Dental for over 20 years – they actually fitted the previous dental chair! Because we’ve worked with the company over such a long period, we were very confident we could trust Clark Dental to look after us throughout the whole process. The transition from our old chair to the new Intego treatment centre has been a stress-free experience from start to finish. Even after the installation, when some initial teething issues cropped up, the Clark Dental engineers quickly fixed the issues. If other dentists are looking to make a similar investment in their surgery, I would not hesitate to recommend Clark Dental as the company to manage the refurbishment.”

Dr Neeshita Ruparel, Thames Street Dental

“We chose Clark Dental for our equipment and systems because they’re always reliable and ready to give the best advice about each potential solution. I would absolutely recommend Clark Dental to other professionals. The team are really knowledgeable and I’m able to chat to Matt or Stuart if I have any issues. Raine Leary has helped us so much too – her expertise really is indispensable!”

Dr Sharmilla Radia, The Croft Dental Centre

“The support we’ve received from Clark Dental has been very good. They provided us with the Schick CMOS sensors which we have now updated to the newer sensors with fantastic image quality and speed. The support team have been great. Tracey can rescue us from any minor mishap, such as finding that a radiograph has been attached to the wrong record or resolving a network problem. James was very helpful when we first used the Primescan as he arranged a loan unit, so we had time to figure out how it all worked before we purchased our own equipment. He also organised training for the whole practice. In addition, the installation was seamless and we rarely, if ever, have a problem that we can't resolve in-house – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Clark Dental to others.”

Dr Simon Chalker, Park Road Dental Care

Having successfully worked with Clark Dental on building our Canada Water Dental Studio, it was only natural that we chose Clark Dental to assist us with our new practice, M Dental. We were very pleased with the results achieved in our previous project, as well as Clark Dental’s professionalism. Opening the new practice has been in the pipeline for a long time. It has always been part of the larger picture to have dental practices elsewhere in London. Lots of planning was undertaken to achieve this, with the help of many experts. My main goal for the project was to have an aesthetically pleasing practice, complete with the latest technology. We carried out research before opting for the equipment we chose to ensure we had the latest and most up to date models. The Dentsply Sirona Intego treatment centres with chair mounted Heliodent x-ray machines, Apex bespoke dental cabinetry, and the W&H autoclave and handpieces came out on top of others on the market at the time. We have been very pleased with the whole installation and training process. The team have been professional throughout and are excellent communicators. I was happy with how the project went and, looking back, I wouldn’t have done anything differently. For others who are looking to approach a similar project, I would recommend working with experts who know what they are doing and who are good communicators. It takes the stress away working with people who communicate effectively. I would absolutely recommend Clark Dental to others! We have worked with them more than once and are very happy with the results.

Dr Tim Meskhi, M Dental

Dr Teki Sowdani describes his experience of working with the team at Clark Dental on his new clinic: “From the very first conversation that I had with Matt Rowlingson from Clark Dental, I was really impressed with the service that I received and how bespoke things could be for the practice that I was building. The communication was always great and that gave me the confidence that, even after the project was finished with regards to aftercare and the maintenance side of things, I would be looked after. “Clark Dental helped me in my decisions to ensure I was choosing the right solutions for my own practice – the advice from the team was always bespoke, taking my unique needs into account at all stages. “I was quite lucky as to not come across major challenges during the project, it went very smoothly. I believe this was a credit to Clark Dental – always being at the end of the phone and being flexible with my working day, especially considering that we were a busy clinic with patients every day. “I would definitely recommend Clark Dental, and when I opened up my second site, there was no question as to who I was going to use to install the equipment and support me there.”

Dr Teki Sowani

Dr Ali El’Kabengi worked with Clark Dental to furbish his new squat practice in London, commenting: “The dental chair is one of the biggest decisions to make because it is so integral to the patient experience. In the Clark Dental showroom, I fell in love with the Adec 500 treatment centre; it was just so different to others and so advanced in its capabilities. It really gives a ‘wow factor’ and was absolutely worth the investment. “Clark Dental’s Apex cabinetry also chosen for the surgeries in a white glossy finish to match the colour scheme and general look of the surgeries. I was able to customise the worktop widths in order to achieve the super slick aesthetic I was aiming for, which was really appreciated and ensured my total satisfaction. “Installation of all equipment was seamless and we received good training where necessary from Clark Dental or the manufacturers directly. “The service was also one of the main reasons why I chose to work with Clark Dental in the first place. Following a recommendation from a friend and meeting Matt in person, I could tell that Clark Dental was a family-run business from the personal touch it offered. I contacted other companies for comparison but didn’t feel that the same level of support was available.”

Dr Ali El'Kabengi

When Dr Vatche Kassardjian came across the opportunity to relocate his practice, he chose to work with Clark Dental to design and build his new premises. About his experience, he says: “The Clark Dental team were very supportive and I feel very lucky to have worked with them. Matt Rowlingson was amazing through every aspect, helping to design the practice layout and the team were instrumental to our equipment choices. “Throughout everything, Clark Dental’s customer service and support were on another level. Even from early on when looking at potential dental chairs at the showroom, the team kept my son entertained so I could have a detailed look at the technology. They made equipment removal from the old practice effortless, leaving it very neat and tidy – the little things make a massive difference in this kind of process. They arranged the installation of the new equipment and training around us and ensured everything was as simple as possible. “The team were well organised and knowledgeable, offering a premium service with plenty of added value. Clark Dental was truly a cut above the rest.”

Dr Vatche Kassardjian

Dr Fazeela Khan-Osborne explains her motivations for investing in a NOMAD® Pro 2 from Clark Dental, based on the recommendation of a colleague: “I have a surgery in my practice with a fresco ceiling and ornate walls that cannot accommodate a wall-mounted x-ray unit. The NOMAD® Pro 2 provides a solution to this issue as it is a portable, handheld device that is accurate, user-friendly and flexible. “Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, Clark Dental is providing my team and I with on-going user training for the NOMAD® Pro 2. I would certainly recommend the device for its ease-of-use and the quality of images that it produces.”

Fazeela Khan-Osborne

“Practice manager of Grange Green Dental Practice in Essex, Emma Braybrook, comments on the team’s experience of working with Clark Dental during their recent refurbishment: “Clark Dental were great from start to finish. Matt Rowlingson and the team were always on call to discuss anything and regularly followed everything up to keep us on track and ensure there were no issues. The contractor they got to do the work was brilliant and we would highly recommend them too – they were very tidy and consistently turned up when they said they would. “Everyone comments on how amazing the practice looks whenever they visit. The dentists are loving the new equipment, handpieces, electric motors and new LED lighting. All of these features make their lives easier and ensure they can provide excellent care to our patients.”

Emma Braybrook, Grange Green Dental Practice

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