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Infinite Positions, Infinite Diagnostic Capability

When looking for intraoral imaging systems, you need a system that offers maximum quality and minimum doses of radiation for your patients. You also need a system that will meet your diagnostic needs and give you clear and detailed images that help you to carry out procedures with confidence. Clark Dental has been recommending and supplying intraoral dental imaging systems for decades, helping our clients to choose systems that adapt to the needs of their dental practice.

The MyRay HyperSphere intraoral imaging system is in a class of its own. This high-frequency ergonomic unit offers the highest standard in image clarity, flexibility, and wireless convenience. Thanks to the revolutionary sphere joint design, the tube head can revolve freely and reach almost any angle or position. This freedom of movement allows your patient to sit as still as possible while you obtain excellent images.


Hyper Performance

Complete equipment set

RXDC – HyperSphere technology features a 30 cm cone with a circular and rectangular collimator. Just perfect for reducing the X-ray dose administered to the patient.

Minimum doses and maximum quality

The constant potential high frequency generator (DC) provides always-sharp images under every condition with minimum X-ray doses for patients.

Simple and immediate

The wireless remote controller lets the user control the device (by communicating with the X-ray tube) while enjoying full freedom of movement.


Maximum flexibility to meet your diagnostic needs. Automatic parameter modulation ensures exposure power and time are always selected according to the patient’s build and the specific region of investigation.


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