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3D Impression Table Top: Scanner

At Clark Dental, we help our clients to tap into the latest dental technology to improve quality and ensure predictable results. In our range of digital impressions and CAD/CAM equipment, you’ll find all you need to complete scans with precision and facilitate effective communication with your patients. We’ve carefully selected the products in our range so that you get the best return on your investment and equipment that allows you to extend and enhance your service offering.

Integrated into the surgery workflow, increase productivity while improving quality

The MyRay 3Di TS offers fast and accurate scanning directly from the chair. The system allows you to eliminate the plaster model production stage thanks to its virtual modeling capabilities. The system creates a virtual patient reconstruction on-screen allowing you to show your patient clear and precise images and discuss their treatment right there in the chair. The compact tabletop design of this digital scanner makes it the perfect solution for all dental offices.

3Di TS

Integrated into the surgery workflow

Predictable results

The virtual patient reconstruction, which integrates X-ray and visual information, allows you to work in maximum safety, making the final clinical result predictable.

Sure of certified precision 4 μm

3Di TS is precise, as verified by its ISO 12836 standard certification.

Distinctive characteristics

With its Blue LED light emission acquisition system, high resolution camera, which also captures images in standard resolution, and the possibility of colour texture capture, 3Di TS stands at the cutting edge of technology.

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