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A-dec 300 Dental Chair. Compact. Sensible. Flexible.

The A-dec 300 treatment centre offers outstanding access, robust design, and minimal maintenance. Choose from a range of add-ons, including electric handpieces, intraoral cameras, ultrasonic instruments, and curing lights. This is a treatment centre designed to align perfectly with your specific workspace needs and working practices.

At Clark Dental, we recognise that our clients need dental equipment they can count on for many years to come. With over 40 years of experience and our dedication to customer service, you can depend on us to meet your needs.

Built for Life

At A-dec, no detail is too small, right down to the bolts that go into our products. That’s why we manufacture a large majority of our finished dental equipment from raw materials: an essential factor in ensuring quality. Because while these parts may not be visible to the eye, they make the difference in the life, comfort and functionality of each and every product that bears our name. And to your business, that’s everything.

Adec 300

A-dec 300: Evolved


A solid baseplate is the foundation for a sturdy chair. Along with sure footing, the A-dec 300 quietly and smoothly positions patients with a hydraulic lift cylinder that’s engineered for a 20 year life.


Designed as a modular solution, A-dec 300 is a whole system that lets you pick and choose the features you want, within the price point you need.


Traditional or Continental, the choice is yours. Whether you select a dedicated left/right delivery or ambidextrous Radius® configuration, handpiece and clinical devices are always within natural reach.


While your patient rests comfortably, cradled in a dual-articulating headrest, your access is optimized with a slim profile and ultra-thin backrest. Engineered from years of experience, this combination encourages better positioning for you, while enhancing access to the oral cavity.

A-Dec 300 Dental Chair Features

Ultra-thin, flexible backrest (1.25", 32 mm)

Enables you to tuck your knees under the chair providing ergonomic access to the oral cavity.

Double-articulating, gliding headrests

Adjusts easily for optimal patient positioning.

Hybrid chairlift system

Combines the power of a hydraulic base and the smoothness of an electro-mechanical tilt, allowing simultaneous movement for quicker patient positioning.

Cut-away, cast iron baseplate

Allows you to roll your stool closer to the patient; provides six contact points for added stability on uneven floors.

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