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Dedicated, professional software support services

We have talented software engineers who are factory-trained to ensure your equipment’s software is running perfectly. The team on our dedicated support desk are able to remotely access software in the practice within minutes – unlike many other support services, they can even diagnose quickly and fix any issues, there and then.

Our hardware and software engineers communicate to ensure you have a collaborative and integrated customer experience. Together, they are able to determine whether it is a hard- or soft-ware issue – they will then endeavour to have the problem resolved in as little time as possible. We pride ourselves on our technical excellence, with a personal touch.

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"With the CQC requirement for periodic radiographic audit, it is important to have an easy and user friendly way of monitoring the quality of radiographs taken in dental practice. The X-ray QA radiographic audit is a very carefully thought out and well constructed programme that is easy to use. It not only satisfies the minimum requirements of CQC, but also gives a meaningful breakdown as to where improvements can be made. While it is not possible to score 100%, patterns of errors are easily identified and can be corrected. It helps clinicians to compare their radiographs against a benchmark and with the aid of Guides and Tools and the ability to contact Clark Dental with specific questions, they will be able to get better quality radiographs with more consistency. I thoroughly recommend this programme for all clinicians."

Dr Anthony Druttman M.Sc., B.Ch.D.

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Case Studies

A selection of case studies from our many successful dental practice developments.

Staying ahead with the right digital support

Our group – now with 12 sites – began the digital journey over 25 years ago and I can confidently say we were one of the first to adopt the move from paper to digital records. 

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New dental practice technology

The dental profession has benefited hugely from new technology that has been developed over the last couple of decades.

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The value of going digital

The value of going digital has never been higher, yet some of these technologies are still sitting just outside of mainstream dentistry.

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