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Ultra-compact and ergonomic

When it comes to obtaining detailed and accurate intraoral radiographs, your dependency on your equipment will be high. To plan treatment with precision and ensure the best outcomes for your patients, you can’t afford to get the equipment buying decision wrong. With decades of experience in dental products and equipment, Clark Dental will help you to get the best return on your investment. We’d be delighted to tell you more about our intraoral devices and the benefits they can bring to your practice and patients.

Offering high-quality digital imaging, compact design, and reliable diagnostic results, the MyRay Hy-Scan is an ideal choice for any dental surgery. This phosphor scanner combines the versatility of digital imaging with the user-friendliness of traditional film. The unit can be wall-mounted or installed horizontally and is the ideal tool for clinical applications where detailed images are paramount for success.



Perfect for multiroom use

Thanks to the MultiROOM function, usable via Hy-Scan, the remote scanning system (connected to the SERVER) can be managed with a reservation made directly from the workstation alongside the patient (CLIENT PC).

A simple APP lets you automatically save a series of remotely scanned images on the medical record of the patient, who is pre-selected in iRYS from the surgery from which you made the reservation. These images will be displayed immediately on the PC next to the patient.

High quality images for any application

Hy-Scan is the ideal tool for all clinical applications - endodontics, implants and implant surgery, periodontics, detection of caries - always producing the best high definition images with 34 pixels/mm resolution.

User-friendliness and maximum workflow efficiency.

Hy-Scan has a servo-assisted system that accepts and scans in a fully automatic (TOUCH-FREE) manner the exposed plates, detects the size, uploads the image to a PC and deletes data from the plate making it ready for the next scan.


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