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The latest digital imaging technology provides you with the diagnostics you need to optimise your services and the high standards patients look for in a dental practice. Most of all, these systems produce detailed, razor-sharp images in real time, allowing you to make treatment decisions with confidence. Clark Dental offers a wide selection of intraoral imaging equipment that you can trust. Furthermore, we provide ongoing support long after your purchase decision has been made.

The eXTend Wireless intraoral imaging system from MyRay offers everything you need to obtain accurate and sharper images. This portable hand-held imaging device offers a wide selection of easily accessible and programmable exposure scenarios. And because it’s fully wireless, there are no wired control panels or wall mounts to limit movement or take up space. When you are looking for a high-frequency system that reduces radiation dosage without any compromise on image quality, the exTend Wireless is a good choice.

eXTend Wireless

Fast Installation and Wireless Control

Precision diagnostics

The 70 kV, 8 mA DC generator with a focal spot of just 0.4 mm, placed 30 cm from the object (total bulk remaining equal), ensures always-sharp images of outstanding quality.

Sequential exposure

The dynamic duty cycle keeps tube temperature under constant control and prevents any interruptions as a result of overheating.

Simple installation and versatility

Solid, extruded aluminium arms, strong and reliable: available in lengths of 40 cm, 60 cm and 90 cm, they can be pointed in 6 directions to provide maximum adaptability and simplicity of installation.


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