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X9 generation: full empowerment

When you are looking for the very best in 3D and 2D technology for your practice, you need image technology and quality you can trust. At Clark Dental, we bring you cutting-edge technology combined with comfort and ergonomics for an optimal user experience. No matter what your day-to-day requirements are or your service offerings, we’ll help you to choose the right extraoral imaging systems. Capture every detail. Armed with high-quality accurate images, you can ensure the best outcomes for every patient.

The MyRay Hyperion X9 is a modular and scalable imaging system that can be configured to meet your specific needs. Whether you need basic 2D and 3D imaging capabilities, or SuperHD functionality, you’re in control. If space is at a premium in your treatment room, the Hyperion X9 is one of the most compact and feature-rich imaging devices on the market today.

Hyperion X9

Benefits of MyRay Hyperion X9

Full 3D. Your present

Widen your vision towards another dimension. 3D is the answer to your diagnostic needs, for the sake of a new universe of possibilities, at the highest level of efficiency. The future of your clinic begins now. Hyperion X9 provides you with the only possible answer to your needs: the best one. 3D becomes an indispensable, flexible, efficient tool. Transcend the limits: greater potential, more diagnoses, more patients. Only Hyperion X9 offers you faster choices, maximum results, maximum satisfaction.

Full perfection in 2D

Perfection in two dimensions. Hyperion X9 elevates to excellence the quality of panoramic and cephalometric examinations, all of them available for your clinic. Hyperion X9 offers an efficient dedicated detector for 2D diagnostics (PAN/CEPH), relocatable and releasable, fastened onto a safety device; with the possibility of adding a second detector so as to carry out cephalometric projections. Try out the wide range of two-dimensional exams, such as orthogonal projections of the dentition, bitewing X-rays and advanced views of the temporomandibular joint.

Full vision: perfection in details

Why choosing when you can have everything? One detail, one world at your disposal. Hyperion X9 adapts to you and guarantees you highest definition images. Every detail, from every viewpoint, for the sake of complete, effective and quick diagnoses. The full FOV guarantees you scans of the whole dentition, the standard FOV allows you a scan of the single dental arch, the craniostat ensures you maximum stability, for the sake of unmatchable results.


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