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Teneo takes an uncompromising approach: Only the best is good enough. You can
achieve a perfectly harmonious workflow if you and your treatment center interact

For this reason, Teneo responds automatically and individually to all your
needs. Carefully selected features assist you in every treatment situation, down to the
most minute detail. Comfort features ensure that your patients feel more relaxed
throughout the treatment. So you can focus entirely on your work. Why settle for less?

You know every move – so does Teneo

To let you focus fully on your patients, Teneo and its motorized sliding track places everything you need at your fingertips – hands-free and effortlessly. You and your assistant can maintain an ergonomic working position at any time.

You want to treat ergonomically – Teneo adapts

A healthy operator posture during treatment requires the patient to be correctly positioned and maximum access ensured. Teneo provides comprehensive treatment comfort for dentists and patients alike, with its motorized headrest, cuspidor, and sliding track.

The difference is in the details

Most of what any treatment is about is to keep the flow intact. For that you need a treatment center whose functions are meticulously adapted to your workflow — and not the other way around. So Teneo comes to your treatment room with an extensive range of functions already implemented. The user interface is fully customizable to let you apply the full range of treatment modalities.

You want total freedom – Teneo is flexible

Integrated treatment functions for implantology and endodontics make setup times unnecessary, since additional table equipment is no longer required. All functions can be controlled with the foot switch. This allows a smooth transition between patient examination, education, and treatment. Numerous additional functions such as the ApexLocator or Implant Terminal in Sidexis 4 make Teneo the expert solution for every treatment situation.

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