Lasting Power & Performance

Pana-Max is the latest in the popular NSK Pana series of high speed handpieces. Every feature of Pana-Max handpieces is precision engineered to deliver enhanced performance with the reliability and durability NSK users expect. The cost versus performance ratio puts the Pana-Max series at the highest level within its class.

Standard Head

PAX-SU M4 (Midwest 4 hole)
PAX-SU B2 (Borden 2 hole)
-Speed : 380,000~480,000 min-1
-Head Size : 10.3 x H13.6 mm

Torque Head

PAX-TU M4 (Midwest 4 hole)
PAX-TU B2 (Borden 2 hole)
-Speed : 320,000~380,000 min-1
-Head Size : 12.0 x H13.6 mm

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