ORTHOPHOS SL 2D. A revolution in 2D panoramic imaging.

The ORTHOPHOS SL 2D combines unparalleled image quality with an excellent workflow and the confidence that comes from MADE IN GERMANY quality. This means you can rely on finding the ideal diagnostic basis for your treatments every day. Together with the intuitive simplicity of modern SIDEXIS 4 imaging software, the ORTHOPHOS SL becomes the complete X-ray solution – for every practice.

  • Direct Conversion Sensor for incomparable image definition
  • Sharp Layer (SL) technology ensures the entire jaw is in focus
  • Interactive SL for subsequent lingual / buccal object focusing without a second X-ray
  • SIDEXIS 4 imaging software: modern, intuitive, unique tools
  • Optional Ceph arm and upgrade to a 3D device available