Satalec Mini LED Black

The SATELEC Mini LED Black

SATELEC and ACTEON introduce the first AA battery-powered LED curing light, the Mini LED Black.

Designed by SATELEC and distributed by ACTEON, the new Mini LED Black is the first LED curing light powered by 3 simple AA batteries. This innovative feature of the Mini LED Black completely circumvents the need for expensive lithiumion batteries or costly chargers.

This LED curing light offers the dentist a unique combination of power (1250 mW/cm²), efficiency, and speed. It’s power is greater than most halogen lamps on the market, and it is just as powerful as most lithium-ion battery-powered lights available. ACTEON’s Mini LED Black emits light in the most efficient part of the spectrum, suitable for curing almost all types of composites, including camphoroquinone (470 nm), PPD, or PAB (430 nm). Polymerization of 3 mm of composite is accomplished in 6 to 12 seconds.

The curing light boasts an anodized aluminum handpiece with a pen-style design that has a rounded surface for easy and comfortable handling. The light shield also functions as a stand to prevent the light from rolling off a counter and the light guide is made of an autoclavable, multi-fibered, opalescent glass. And with no fan, there is less risk of cross contamination. —Bob Alaburda

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