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Intego is the best treatment center of its class. It is based on the innovative power and award winning design of our existing treatment centers. As a reliable partner for an efficient practice, Intego has all the features that provide optimal support: ergonomic design for better workflows, high quality standards in processing and design, and a great value – this is why Intego is our performance class.

Great value

Excellent performance and innovative functions at a great price, customized options for great value.

Ergonomic design

Designed for intuitive handling and optimized, integrated workflows.

Quality made in Germany

Defined quality assurance processes, durable materials, and sturdy, future-proof design.

Great value you can rely on

Your work day is complex and places many different demands on the treatment center you choose. Intego gives you the perfect solution: Choose from two treatment concepts that you can configure flexibly. Whether you select a whip arm or a hanging hoses design – every option offers optimal performance at a fair price.

Intuitive operation

Difficult treatments require your full concentration. This is why Intego is intuitive – with two state-of-the- art user interfaces and innovative instruments for stressfree treatment. So you can concentrate on what’s really important – your patient and a perfect treatment result.

Impressive patient comfort

Your patients will also appreciate this comfort: The Intego patient chair has an ergonomic design and, together with the headrest, ensures that your patients are especially comfortable. The chair lowers far enough for even shorter patients so that they can get in and out easily. And there is no doubt – patients who are comfortable feel more secure and remain loyal to your practice.

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