Intego Ambidextrous


Intego Ambidextrous is designed for right- and left-handed dentists who want optimal ergonomics with no treatment compromises. This treatment center also gives you the option of changing the treatment position easily and smoothly. The unique rotation mechanism makes it possible to convert from a right- to a left-handed position just within 15 seconds, making it very flexible, particularly in group practices.

Compact design

Intego Ambidextrous provides great flexibility in a small area. Despite the conversion option, no more space is required than for our existing Dentsply Sirona treatment centers. The intelligently designed rotating mechanism enables compact and space-saving movement at all times in every phase. During the movement process, the treatment center remains completely stable in all positions.

The following figures exemplify the fact that Intego Ambidextrous in every phase of the conversion movement does not require more space than other Intego treatment centers.

Intuitive operation

Difficult treatments require your full concentration. This is why Intego is intuitive – with two state-of-the- art user interfaces and innovative instruments for stressfree treatment. So you can concentrate on what’s really important – your patient and a perfect treatment result.

Impressive patient comfort

Your patients will also appreciate this comfort: The Intego patient chair has an ergonomic design and, together with the headrest, ensures that your patients are especially comfortable. The chair lowers far enough for even shorter patients so that they can get in and out easily. And there is no doubt – patients who are comfortable feel more secure and remain loyal to your practice.

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