Highea 3/6/9

The simple efficiency of ultrasound

• 3 volumes complete with everything Highea 3, 6 and 9: a full equipment set to maximise machine utilisation.

• Advanced functions, outstanding quality Wash time and temperature settings, high-power high-quality ultrasound, Sweep and Degas function.

• User-friendliness User-friendly keypad, time and temperature LEDs, drainage tap and carry handles.



At present ultrasound cleaning is the most effective in-depth cleaning procedure.

The energy from an ultrasound generator creates millions of micro-bubbles in the liquid; then, the compression exerted by the vibrating waves fills the micro-bubbles, causing them to implode. In this way the energy generated in the liquid strips dirt from the surfaces, cleaning even the most inaccessible holes.


Tanks in the Highea range operate at 37kHz, the ideal frequency for optimisation of the cavitation effect.

  • High quality ultrasound washing
  • Thorough cleaning, guaranteed
  • 37 kHz of power for unbeatable wash quality.
  • Sweep mode
  • Sweep mode boosts wash performance to give even better results
  • Degas mode
  • Degas and autodegas function for even wash quality throughout the tank
  • Safety controls
  • Automatic safety shutdown after 12 continuous hours.
  • 3, 6 and 9 litres
  • Range consisting of 3 volumes to allow selection of the size most suitable for individual needs
  • Beaker and beaker holder
  • All models are equipped with a beaker holder and beaker to wash small instruments Lid Plastic lid to protect the user and increase the heating speed Plastic handles Comfortable plastic handles to move the tanks