Cavitron THINsertâ„¢


Superior biofilm removal, excellent access and great patient comfort

Recently developed and launched in the USA with phenomenal success, DENTSPLY, world leaders in scaling inserts, are now bringing the new Cavitronâ„¢ insert, the THINsertâ„¢ to the UK. With a tip diameter 47% thinner than the existing Slimline insert, this new tip allows excellent access in all areas, superior biofilm removal and greater patient comfort.

The insert works with any 30k Cavitron ultrasonic scaler to reach areas like inter-proximal surfaces, concavities and locations with tight tissue attachment, without losing the tactile sensation you rely upon. 90% of users in the USA rated the cleaning efficiency of the Cavitron THINsertâ„¢ ultrasonic insert as better than their current debridement methods*. Because of the way it has been designed to deliver enhanced durability, it can be used at low to high power.

Developed with the input and reviewed by distinguished dental professionals, the THINsert has received much support already. Testimonials received include:

‘I couldn’t believe how well I could access areas that were almost impossible to reach before.’

‘Excellent adaptation to facials on anteriors and in furcations’.

‘This insert give a greater feeling of control’ ‘I love it! I want one now!’

THINsert is just the latest edition to our plethora of products available to aid you in providing Preventive care to your patients. Other inserts in the range include the SofTip, specifically designed to safely remove plaque biofilm, calculus and endotoxin from around titanium implants and abutments as well as our standard range of TFI and FSI inserts.

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