Cavitron® Select


Once again, Cavitron™ sets a new standard for ultrasonic scaling with the Cavitron™ Select – the first portable Cavitron™ with a self-contained water reservoir. With the 25kHz Cavitron™ Select you no longer need to depend upon a dedicated water line – you can scale virtually anywhere you have a power source. This is what makes the Cavitron™ Select so easy to use.

This new ultrasonic scaler has been designed with convenience for the operator as the main objective. For comfort, convenience and now portability you know you can rely on the Cavitronâ„¢ product family.

User convenience – The Cavitronâ„¢ Select with the water reservoir allows the operator to perform ultrasonic scaling without the an external water hook up. This procedure is simple, as the autoclavable bottle can be filled with water or rinsing solution (eg chlorhexidine) without being disassembled from the reservoir.

Easier lavage control – The lavage control on the Cavitronâ„¢ Select is located on the handpiece. This enables an easier control of the lavage flow. The user can adjust the water flow during the operation without having to reach across the patient.

Portable and expandable scaler – Thanks to its small size, Cavitronâ„¢ Select can be moved from office to office with complete ease. The expandability of this new unit offers greater flexibility as the end user can purchase the scaler unit first and then upgrade to the reservoir pump at a later date.

Dispensing of rinsing solutions – The Cavitronâ„¢ Select with reservoir can deliver water but also various rinsing solutions. Furthermore, the Cavitronâ„¢ Select scaler can be used alone with the Dual Select Dispensing System.

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