Cavitronâ„¢ Select SPS


The Cavitron Select SPS ultrasonic scaler is a compact, portable unit that incorporates a self-contained reservoir with the unique Sustained Performance System (SPS) technology. This practical design delivers 30K oscillating scaling power without the need for a dedicated water line – all you need is a power supply.

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Self-contained system with reservoir

  • Ability to deliver medicaments
  • No plumbing required

30K Technology

  • SPSTM technology maintains clinical power at lower power setting
  • Blue Zone (extended low power range)  for increased patient comfort, especially during subgingival scaling
  • More efficient, less noise
  • Variety of inserts available to meet clinical needs
  • Delivers warm water for increased patient comfort

Hands-Free Boost Function

  • Provides temporary power boost to remove heavy calculus, without leaving the patient to adjust power level

SteriMate Handpiece (smaller, lighter and detachable)

  • More comfortable and less fatiguing
  • Rotates by over 300 degrees to aid access
  • Autoclavable and reduces the risk of cross contamination
  • Water control on handpiece
  • Easy water adjustment that doesn’t require leaving the patient

Compact size

  • Requires less space and can be easilt transported

In-line water filter

  • Prevents water line from becoming clogged.