Cavitronâ„¢ Plusâ„¢


The Cavitronâ„¢ Plusâ„¢ with SPSâ„¢ technology is an advancement in ultrasonic technology. Now with wireless foot pedal for a less hazardous surgery; autoclavable handpiece for better infection control; and informative diagnostic display. This system supports ultrasonic periodontal debridement with turbo boost, the Blue Zone and deep pocket ultrasonic lavage delivering medicament.

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Wireless foot control

  • Eliminates cord: streamlined, professional look; less hazardous; easier to move
  • Depression is 360° around the foot switch

Autoclavable handpiece

  • To help better manage infection control 

Rotating handpiece

  • The handpiece rotates by 330° for ease of use while scaling.

Illuminated diagnostic display

  • Informing the user at a glance of the unit’s status
  • Easy to read
  • Advanced technology: confirms hi-tech practice status
  • Self-diagnosis 

Rinse setting

  • To flush periodontal pockets
  • Anti-bacterial lavage 

Enhanced Blue Zoneâ„¢

  • For increased patient comfort when scaling sub-gingivally